How to innovate a direct mail campaign

5th March 2017

How to innovate a direct mail campaign

Innovation is the word on every marketer’s lips

In our continually evolving world, marketers are always looking for the next best thing to create the WOW factor and to drive responses and results.

With advancements in digital technologies marketers are able to explore new realms of innovation to support their campaigns – both on and offline.

Take a look at how you can use some of these technologies to create innovative and multi-channel campaigns.

1. Make it virtual

Augmented Reality allows the user to transform their current surroundings with superimposed images and graphics using their smartphone, instantly enhancing and digitalising what is in front of them. AR can be cleverly integrated into a direct mail campaign to enrich the piece and bring it to life; for instance, for a retailer AR can be used to direct people online to make instant purchases or to watch and read content. For a charity it can be used to share news about a cause or to direct people to make instant donations.

2. Use personalisation

Personalisation isn’t new, but there are so many ways that it can be used in print that create innovative and intriguing campaigns. You can create campaigns of which every single aspect is relevant and targeted to the customer.

3. Combine it with multiple channels

Integrating your single channel campaigns with multiple channels is proven to increase responses by up to 22%. Direct mail works well with email; a direct mail campaign which is followed up with a reminder email prompts even more people to react and take action.

4. Stand out in the crowd

One thing that makes DM so successful is that it taps into people’s emotions and heightens their senses; format plays a big part in this as it can surprise and delight people with its creativity and intricacy. Through effective paper engineering there are a multitude of options and formats available to create innovative and unique campaigns; you can create a huge variety of different formats including pop-ups, pull-outs, sliders, stickers, Maltese crosses and many more.

5. Add effects and finishes

Tangibility is what makes direct mail so effective; the use of innovative finishes can increase the amount of time that people engage with a piece for, increasing their likelihood of them taking action. Finishes such as UV coating, embossing and foil blocking can add a sense of charm and quality to your mailing, bringing it to life and gratifying the recipient.

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